Access Control

TechZad provides range of solutions for audio and audio-visual telephone entry systems, swipe card, proximity and hands-free access, door monitoring, motorized gates, barriers and bollards.

Fingerprint Recognition
Face Recognition

Electronic Locks
Mechanical Locks
Smart Card and Readers

Entrance Control

Video Surveillance

TechZad provides all aspects of video surveillance – Color, mono, High resolution, day & night, Fixed, PTZ, temperature, humidity, dust, rain and fully functional surveillance, computer control facilities, hard disk recording and cloud storage facilities.

Analog Video Surveillance
AHD Video Surveillance
IP Video Surveillance
DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
NVR (Network Video Recorder)
Accessories – Lenses, Mounts, Housings, Illuminators, Power adaptersJoysticks & control boards
Video Management Systems
Video Analytics (ANPR/LPR, Video Motion Detection, Privacy Mask, People Counting, etc.)

Metal Detection

TechZad provides:

Walk-through Detectors
Metal Detectors
X-ray Screening
Electronic Inspection Tools
Under Vehicle Inspection

Fire Alarm

TechZad provides range of solutions for fire alarm systems, we supply, install, test and maintain fire alarm systems

Physical Security Information Management

TechZad provides Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions will streamline the way you secure, monitor and manage your building, campus or public space.

Enabling the centralization of all security and building management systems onto a common platform delivers real time situational awareness and the ability to react faster and more accurately to incidents.
Integrate all of your existing systems, maximize the investment already made and facilitate the addition of new systems including:

Fire detection
Video wall
Intrusion detection systems
Perimeter intrusion detection systems
GIS mapping systems
Audio and GPS alarms
Automated barriers & bollards

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